What is The Frameboy Journey?

One boy and his journey. Every discovery, every feeling, every new moment is a new frame of his walk. The result? A series of algorithmically generated captures of a boy trying to figure out his steps through the Solana blockchain.

How was The Frameboy Journey generated?

Every single Frameboy along with its attributes is designed and algorithmically generated from a combination of 9 asset types with a total of 197 different assets.

Is there a rarity system?

You bet there is! You can check the rarity of the attributes at the RARITY section. You can also check the rank at MoonRank (https://moonrank.app/collection/frameboy_journey).

How many Frameboys exist?

There are 3333 Frameboy NFTs. We created a unique character, one person - one like all of us - with a big head that go through all those different moments and discoveries. And every NFT you own is a moment, a frame of his life. There are lots of unique frames, but there’s a common journey for us to make together and we’re still capturing his steps.

When can I buy a The Frameboy Journey NFT?

You can buy The Frameboy Journey NFTs at Magic Eden (https://magiceden.io/marketplace/frameboy_journey).

Why is the Frameboy head so big?

The causes can be various: overthinking, imagining, mood swing, dreaming, wandering and many other brain activities that we allow ourselves to have, but many times try to avoid. All of them lead to the same result: your mind expands and your head feels so big that you can hardly walk. But you can. Believe ir or not. You can.

Is my head gonna get bigger if I buy one?

Probably it won’t. Sorry for the bad news.

Are there secondary sales royalties?

There will be a 05% secondary sales royalties.

What can I do with my The Frameboy Journey NFT?

You own full intellectual properties from your NFT from The Frameboy Journey series under a non-exclusive license. It will also guarantee your access to the exclusive Tripping Room and to the next steps of the roadmap.

Who is behind The Frameboy Journey?

We are a brazilian group of friends that decided to combine our different skills on design, copywriting, technology and branding. Our mission is to take care of our community’s interests and offer state of the art experience throughout our journey together. And yes: you CAN sit with us! Check us out at this Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/TheFrameboy/status/1466121776887390211

How do I get in touch?

Feel free to get in touch with us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/TheFrameboy) or on Discord (https://discord.gg/NKpkvNV6gY).

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