Walking Frameboy

The first NFT project that actually walks!

The Frameboy Journey is a collection of 3333 uniquely generated NFTs stepping out from the Solana blockchain and looking for a place to live inside your head.

Every FrameBoy will be generated from a combination of 9 asset types with a total of 197 different assets and it’s perfect for your profile avatar.

Our vision is to create the a journey of self-discovery, belonging and opportunities for innovative interactions on the metaverse.

Just get your unique art and create countless animated combinations with the community!

Ready to walk?

Pinocchio Frameboy
T-Rex Frameboy
Punk Frameboy
Devil Frameboy
Dragon Frameboy
King Frameboy
Elvis Frameboy

I’ve been walking for so long that I can’t quite trust every thought in my mind. After so many travels I still cannot grasp what I’ve become... can you?

Life is a neverending count of frames that put together can eventually become a journey. Tiresome? Maybe. But even so, I’ve been searching for meaning, new discoveries and dimensions.

Exciting? Well, lately all I wanna do is sleep. But I can’t! I’m tired but I can’t sleep. Can you? Sleepless and anxious. A combination that can take you as far as the mind goes and the head grows. But hey, that’s only my journey.

I’m a frameboy. And you know what, who isn’t?

- The Frameboy
$TEPS logo

Meet $TEPS

$TEPS is the utility token that fuels the Frameboy universe. It uses a rewards based economy design to create sustainable growth.

Each NFT yields daily $TEPS — but only if it is not listed on the secondary market on that day.

We believe in freedom for our holders so they can choose when to redeem the $TEPS tokens that their NFTs have yielded. To do so, a holder must access the $TEPS ATM section and request to redeem the amount of $TEPS available for their Frameboy.