Walking Frameboy
The first NFT project that actually walks!

A 3.333 NFT Collection

Get a unique frame and create countless animated combinations with the community

The Collection

The Frameboy Journey is a collection of 3333 uniquely generated NFT’s stepping out from the Solana blockchain and looking for a place to live inside your head.

Every FrameBoy will be generated from a combination of 9 asset types with a total of 197 different assets and it’s perfect for your profile avatar.

Our vision is to create the first step into a journey of self-discovery, belonging and opportunities for innovative interactions on the metaverse.

Ready to walk?

Pinocchio Frameboy
T-Rex Frameboy
Punk Frameboy
Devil Frameboy
Dragon Frameboy
King Frameboy
Elvis Frameboy

I’ve been walking for so long that I can’t quite trust every thought in my mind. After so many travels I still cannot grasp what I’ve become... can you?

Life is a neverending count of frames that put together can eventually become a journey. Tiresome? Maybe. But even so, I’ve been searching for meaning, new discoveries and dimensions.

Exciting? Well, lately all I wanna do is sleep. But I can’t! I’m tired but I can’t sleep. Can you? Sleepless and anxious. A combination that can take you as far as the mind goes and the head grows. But hey, that’s only my journey.

I’m a frameboy. And you know what, who isn’t?

- The Frameboy

The Team


Manzi is a Brazilian illustrator and graphic artist, working in the creative industry for the past 9 years. Aspiring graphic novelist and animator as well as a sci-fi fanatic. Has taken part in great projects for bands such as BADBADNOTGOOD and entertainment brands like Netflix.


Vazquezzz is a Brazilian copywriter with 12 years of experience in the creative industry. An aspiring short-story writer, carnival freak, and magical realism enthusiast that occasionally took part in worldwide talks about ways to bring more women to the creative industry. She has collaborated with the storytelling of brands like Apple but now is into telling a very particular FrameBoy story.

RaphowsFull-stack developer

Raphows is a Brazilian full-stack developer with almost 15 years of experience and a new found fascination for the world of Web3 development. Life-long comic book reader that has also developed a serious addiction to collectibles. As his house is already full of collectibles, he decided to start new collections on the metaverse.

DougBack-end developer

Doug is a Brazilian back-end developer with almost 15 years of experience. He is a man of many hobbies, that goes from playing and watching soccer games to delving into old computer games like Age of Empires. He has also built all the furniture of his apartment, and now looks forward to build exciting things on the metaverse.


From technology to fashion, Raposa is a brand lover who spent the past 12 years positioning and connecting narratives for diverse markets. A vintage furniture thrifter on the making, proud gay man and parent of the cutest stray dog.